5+Most Dangerous apps for android device ! Maybe you are using

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5+Most Dangerous apps for android device ! Maybe you are using

Hey guys today I am today I am going to tell you about some dangerous app that a popular and probably you are using now and still on your Android device.

If you are curious to know about them so be with that article and without wasting our time let’s get started.

UC Browser

First we will talk about a browser and maybe you know its name already it is UC Browser yes it’s true it’s UCBrowser.

Now many of you will be shock to know that UC Browser is a dangerous application for your Android device,how”let me explain-

This application is very famous in India China and in some other countries that is by UC browser. As I know many of you already used that browser in your smartphone before.

There are too many companies claimed on UC Browser that take stole your Private data your search history is your MAC address and many other private companies that you don’t want to share with anyone and you don’t know about that.

Even sum of claim that UC Browser share your data with private companies and also save your credit card debit card details and passwords also that is so harmful for you.

one of the most important thing about this process when you install this from Play Store it will take permission for each and everything that is in your phone like it will take permission to you read your message your contacts location and any single thing that is important for your private data security.

Antivirus Applications

Secondly we will talk about some antivirus applications that is available on Playstore even they have unknown publisher or developer.

We download antivirus in your device because we think that we can secure our device by viruses just because of antivirus.

What antivirus exactly does?

Basically antivirus block any type of Malware, spyware & antivirus.

By blocking them antivirus secure our device from unwanted websites and viruses.
But you will shock to you know that there are too many fake antivirus applications still available on Play Store that can can stole your data.

So Before downloading any antivirus application think about the developer and about their company is that really believable are they have a reputed big company or not. Because they can serve you better experience and security of your data.

Junk File Remover Applications

3rd we will talk about junk file remover applications.

basically we download junk file remover because we think that we can clean our storage from junk files but is that really works.

Let me answer this question “if your smartphone is heating up can an application cool it down.”

The answer is no, No application can stop heating of your device they just make fool to us and tell us that they can coll your device instead.

When you install this type of applications they will also ask you to give permission like contacts SMS storage and etc.
so if you are using this type of application I will suggest you to uninstall them right now because every smartphone comes with their own phone manager where you can use junk file remover also.

Battery Saver Applications

Fourth we will talk about battery saver applications.
These applications is that they can increase the battery life or we can save they can increase your battery timing,is that real?

This type of application just use your internet data only they just clear your background application and can’t save your battery life.

And if you want to save your battery life or increase your battery timing your phone Already have options to battery saving modes.

Allow Unknown Sources

Last and final we will talk about application that allow unknown sources.
Basically APK or modded applications that take permissions for installing with unknown sources.

basically this type of applications have too many features are we can save some extra features that doesn’t have in their original application that is on Playstore like GB WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus etc.

If you allow unknown sources then you are giving invitation to this type of applications who stole stole your data.

Final words*

I just can say you if you are using a third party application or if you are using any type of application that is not on Playstore published by an unknown developer you should definitely uninstall that type of application right now that’s it.



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